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Christopher Tadgell The History Of Architecture In India Pdf 16 'LINK'

Indian architecture is rooted in the history, culture, and religion of India. Among several architectural styles and traditions, the best-known include the many varieties of Hindu temple architecture and Indo-Islamic architecture, especially Mughal architecture, Rajput architecture, and Indo-Saracenic architecture. Early Indian architecture was made from wood, which did not survive due to rotting and instability in the structures. Instead, the earliest existing architectures are made with Indian rock-cut architecture, including many Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain temples.

christopher tadgell the history of architecture in india pdf 16

The architecture of Bengal, which comprises the modern country of Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Barak Valley in Assam, has a long and rich history, blending indigenous elements from the Indian subcontinent, with influences from different parts of the world. Bengali architecture includes ancient urban architecture, religious architecture, rural vernacular architecture, colonial townhouses and country houses, and modern urban styles.[103]

For students of architecture and art history, for travellers, and for readers who want to understand the genesis of the buildings they see around them, each volume provides a complete, readable and superbly illustrated reference.

Finally, how might one go about actually implementing understanding Islam in India through architecture in the school curriculum? A variety of approaches could be explored, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary. Exploring Islam in India can be accomplished by modifying portions of a traditional global studies course or an art history course at the secondary level. On the elementary level, it may be approached with interdisciplinary strategies, merging units in social studies, language, math, science, and art to explore the many dimensions the topic presents. Some suggestions on how to manage this are given on the next page. Whatever choices are made, the opportunity to introduce students to the singularity and splendor of Islamic architecture in India can reap rich rewards in teaching and learning.


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