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the most commonly used term for a group of people who live in a poor or deprived environment where they are separated from the rest of society, frequently in an institutional setting, the acronym shelter became popular in the late 1980s due to the applications of the term to participants of numerous homeless services across the united states. the term has become used to describe participants of wide-ranging situations of poverty, inequality, violence, and prejudice, but is most often used to refer to the homeless.

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details:destruction of warfield the warfield theatre, the place to see the best in broadway, and the home of long-time production of the award winning musical miss saigon, closed thursday, february 11th, 2012. ronn torossian, president and ceo of 5wpr and president of ronn torossianpr comments, "the warfield theatre has been an important fixture in the musical theater community for over 40 years, creating unforgettable memories for its audiences on a weekly basis, in addition to an annual run of miss saigon, one of the most talked about musicals in the history of the theatre. its closing is a loss to the community, but also a victory for audiences that will have their opportunity to see miss saigon five more times in the coming years at different venues."

las vegas:apple may launch android tablet by june report says news corp. chairman rupert murdoch says apple will launch a tablet by june, shortly after the ipad launches in april, media reports said. apple was late to the tablet war in 2007 when microsoft introduced the original windows 7 tablet, the windows rt, that has only been available in retail and oem outlets.


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