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Snow Moto Racing Freedom Download PC Game [EXCLUSIVE]

Snow Moto Racing Freedom lets you take your rightful place on a high-speed snowmobile on snocross tracks or through vast beautiful winter landscapes. Experience the thrill of racing so close to your opponents that you can feel the spray of their snow and hear the roar of their engines. Carve your own chosen path through exotic sceneries while stringing together extreme stunts high up in the air to gain that extra speed boost to fly past your opponents. Progress through Championships to unlock new snowmobiles and become a Legend. When you have mastered the local opposition, go online, show off your skills and make your mark in the world competitions!

Snow Moto Racing Freedom Download PC Game

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Snow Moto Racing Freedom is a disappointing follow-up to last year's surprisingly enjoyable Aqua Moto Racing Utopia. Although it features interesting open-ended tracks, the gameplay simply doesn't pull itself from racing mediocrity.

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Playing in 3D, meanwhile, slows the performance so significantly that it should have been excised from the game entirely. The inconsistent visual performance is a shame, since there are some genuinely nice lighting and snow effects that could have really stood out had the graphics been optimised. The background music is is very repetitive, meanwhile, and the generic faux-rock instrumentals are quickly forgotten.

This review is practically spot on and the verdict ties in nicely with my own thoughts from the previous article ( _moto_racing_3d_slides_onto_the_3ds_eshop_in_north_america_on_17th_october) on this game:

'It looks okay-ish (also taking into account that it's 'only' an eShop title) but in general I find it very disconcerting that many third party developers today still can't seem to get the 'feel' of snow right, like Nintendo already did with 1080 on the N64. In this game the environment simply looks like white hills and mountains instead of actual snow and ice and it's fully interchangeable with a desert setting by simply changing the colors. Then they only need to change the snow mobiles to quads and voilà; another racing game.Same goes for their jet ski racing game. The water animation sucks and I quite honestly find it insulting to name it in the same breath as Waverace. Nowadays, the water effects of Waverace N64 are of course outdated, but within the frame of the game itself and compared to other titles from that time it still holds up quite well and it's still a lot of fun to play.It should be quite easy to copy these kinds of effects to a 3DS, seeing as it's more than capable of displaying N64 like graphics, so actually the effects of snow and water should even look quite a bit better on 3DS and It's puzzling to me that it doesn't, because I would expect additional effects, rather than less... ' 041b061a72


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