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Buy Used Chevy Traverse

If you pick a great year, the Chevy Traverse can be an excellent used car. By having a foundational knowledge about the great makes and the ones that have caused users issues, you can select that will benefit you for years to come. Read on to learn more about the Chevy Traverse years to avoid.

buy used chevy traverse

When you shop for a new or used car, CoPilot helps you know more. We search every car at every dealer so you don't have to, we give you data and insights you won't find anywhere else, and we rank every car so it's easy to find the best car at the best price.

At Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston, we urge you to check out our impressive selection of used models. Our used department is vast, and helping you to find the ideal fit is something that we do best. We are particularly excited to show off the used Chevrolet Traverse, as this model is a great companion to any road trip, adventure, or even daily commute. With our help, we are certain that we can work with you to help you fall in love with a vehicle that meets your needs. We urge the Livingston, Newark, Hanover, Summit, and West Caldwell, NJ areas to reach out to us today with any questions, or to visit us for a test drive.

One of the reasons to buy a used vehicle with Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston, is because of the impressive selection that we have to offer. We are proud to be able to show off plenty of used models to you. Many of our incredible used vehicles have very low mileage, and show off with incredibly gentle use. Additionally, we also give you a huge selection of certified pre-owned vehicles to check out. These models have passed a long list of comprehensive tests to ensure that they are of the highest quality and reliability.

The Chevrolet Traverse is a one of a kind model that you will be very excited to check out. This vehicle shows off with a long list of interior storage, as well as plenty of impressive technology. We also love that this model is often gently used, and ready to take on every adventure that comes your way.

For those seeking a 3-row, midsize SUV, the Chevy Traverse is about as good as it gets. Among its many features and benefits, take note of its generous passenger room, its versatile cargo options, and its rich array of technological features. This model offers lasting value and modern safety systems. Browse our pre-owned inventory to find a used Chevrolet Traverse you want to test drive, then schedule a visit to a Davis-Moore dealership. Reach out to us if you have questions about our listings.

At Andy Mohr Automotive, we have dozens of these vehicles, both used and new, for you to check out. No matter what purpose you may have in mind for it, we have a match in stock. You can take a look at our inventory via our website to find out more about the Traverse!

Most mid-size SUVs blend together, but Palmyra families will quickly find out what makes a pre-owned Chevrolet Traverse stand out. This mid-size crossover is significantly larger and more spacious than its rivals, not to mention more affordable. This used Chevrolet SUV also packs plenty of power. The best part? Your friends at Klick Lewis Chevrolet have a wide variety of pre-owned Traverse SUVs waiting to test drive and take home off our Palmyra, PA lot.

Palmyra families can enjoy three rows of seating and room for eight passengers. The Traverse's low price tag is a plus, appearing even more budget friendly when factoring in these used Chevy SUVs have already taken a significant depreciation hit.

Recent-year pre-owned Traverse SUVs are packed with technology, safety, and comfort features to keep Palmyra families entertained, safe, and relaxed. Most used Traverse SUVs are powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine producing more than 300 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. Palmyra drivers can tow 5,000 pounds behind the wheel of this used Chevrolet SUV.

Why else should you buy a used Chevy SUV like the Traverse? Klick Lewis Chevrolet offers used car specials to help Palmyra shoppers save on a pre-owned Chevrolet Traverse. Enjoy discounted prices and special financing offers when purchasing a pre-owned Chevrolet SUV.

Some used Chevrolet SUVs meet special certifications and come with additional benefits. Check out our certified pre-owned SUVs for sale in Palmyra! A certified pre-owned Chevrolet Traverse carries like-new-for-less value and offers Palmyra motorists peace of mind.

Palmyra shoppers can browse our used inventory for a glance at our pre-owned Chevy Traverse SUVs. Narrow your used Chevy SUV search by selecting which used Traverse model year and trim level you prefer. Pennsylvania customers can also select the mileage range and price range of the used Chevrolet they'd like to purchase. Contact Klick Lewis Chevrolet to schedule a test drive around Palmyra, PA in a pre-owned Chevrolet Traverse, the ideal mid-size family Chevy SUV.

At Schumacher Chevy-Buick of Boonton, nearby to the Boonton, Montville, Wayne, Dover, and Parsippany, NJ areas, we urge you to check out all of the impressive and amazing options that you will be able to enjoy. We are very excited to show off the used Chevrolet Traverse, and to show you why this great model is the right fit for you. Check out the details on this beauty below, and then reach out to us today with any questions.

When you buy a used vehicle, you will be able to get a great vehicle for a much lower price. We also recommend our used selection because of all that it can save you in the long run. When you shop our used models, you will have many different model years and makes to choose from. The diversity of what we offer can really make the vehicle ownership experience an exciting one. We also show off with access to a long list of impressive certified pre-owned vehicles for a little extra peace of mind.

At Gilbert Chevrolet, we strive to ensure your driving experience is memorable. That is why we are excited to offer you a pre-owned Chevy Traverse. The Traverse is a midsize SUV built to excite you and drive you towards the future. Our Port St. Lucie and Belle Glade neighbors can attest that you are making the winning decision when you choose Gilbert Chevrolet for your used SUV buying needs. Let us help you discover why this is the Sport Utility Vehicle you need in your life.

The list of vehicles that are best to buy used includes nine luxury vehicles along with the Chevrolet Camaro sports car. The three with the biggest savings between new and used are the BMW 7 Series, which dropped $47,447, or 43.4 percent; the Audi A6, which dropped $26,199 or 41.0 percent; and the Jaguar XE, which dropped $20,586 or 40.9 percent.

A gently used vehicle still offers buyers modern safety and technology features plus what remains of the original warranty. And, since vehicles depreciate the most in the first year, buyers of used vehicles lose less money when trading in later compared to new car buyers.

When you want a family-friendly vehicle, used SUVs are a great option. And if you're a fan of the Chevy brand, one of the best-used crossovers you can buy at our Stillwater dealership is the Chevrolet Traverse. This large SUV comes with three-row seating, a strong engine, and an abundance of features you and your passengers will enjoy.

One of the best reasons to buy a used Chevrolet Traverse is its price. The Traverse costs thousands less than its newer counterpart as a used model while still having most of the same features throughout. Inside the pre-owned Traverse models we offer, White Bear Lake and Forrest Lake drivers will find a strong V6 engine and features like a navigation system, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, heated mirrors, and seating for up to seven passengers.

Do you like the price and features of a used Chevy Traverse? Want to take one home to your St. Paul home? Then fill out our finance application to get pre-approved for a loan. Applications are quick to fill out, and once approved, our finance team will be here to help navigate you through our financing process and help you find the ideal financial plan for you.

The same is true when you compare older models like the 2014 Chevy Traverse and the 2014 Ford Explorer. The 2014 Traverse offers much more cargo space than the Ford Explorer, and it can actually tow 200 pounds more than the 2014 Ford Explorer can. The Traverse can fit 116 cubic feet of cargo, while the Explorer can only handle 80 cubic feet. In the classic Chevy versus Ford battle, Chevy comes out on top with the Traverse. When you visit a used dealership near you like Parkway Chevy, be sure to ask about the Traverse. No matter what Traverse model year you choose, you can feel confident in your decision to drive a Chevy. 041b061a72


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