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Grand Prix 4

The GP4 experience gets off to a good start with the new interface styling, a swirly hi-tech affair that looks miles better than the previous photo-laden backgrounds from GP2 and 3. The menus retain the depth of options we're used to from previous editions, including the standard quick race, non-championship race, full championship etc., plus there's a little novelty in the quick laps option that made its debut in the GP32K add-on. This mode lets up to 22 drivers shoot it out for the fastest qualifying time, feeling like a rally-style competition around a grand prix circuit. The GP series has always catered for multiplayer 'hotseat' racing on a single PC, and this neat little extension is the next best option to split-screen play.

Grand Prix 4

Saturday1 AprilAUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX QUALIFYING HIGHLIGHTS at 11.15amFormula 1 is back down under as Steve Jones, with David Coulthard and Lawrence Barretto, presents the highlights of the Australian Grand Prix Qualifying session. Rookie Oscar Piastri is under the spotlight as he makes his debut at his home grand prix. There's been several changes to Albert Park Circuit ahead of this year's race, so it will be interesting to see who manages to take P1. 041b061a72


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